A Better Assisted & Senior Living Experience Starts Here.

We have looked, listened and tried all the senior care websites & placement services, but none of them really benefit the senior.  So, with our 50 years in senior care experience, we created a placement service that works for you.

No Excessive Calls or Emails

Free to Use

No Commissions on Placements

Custom, Matched Facilities based on What You Need


Free to Use

Free for families and social workers to use.

Fair Matches

No Data selling, no ads, no way to influence your results.

Fast Access to Room Rents

An email with you custom matches delivered in less than an hour.

Better Placements

Results based on what you need, not a salesperson’s quota.

What is Willow and How is it Different?

We get asked this a lot. And we want to make sure that you’re fully aware of what other sites are out there. Our mission is to provide a fair, fast, and free way to put senior care choices in the hands of the senior (or their family), reducing the stress associated with placement. But we won’t get there if you don’t feel comfortable with the results we provide. Feel free to click on any of these questions to see answers to frequently asked questions.

How is This Different than A Place for Mom?

We don’t get paid on commission. You see, those senior advisors pocket the 1st month’s rent that you give to the facility. We think that incentivizes “advisors” to make decisions that aren’t in the long-term interest of the family. So we put the information of where to tour right in front of you, so you can make the best decision. 

So What is Willow?

Willow is a Senior Placement Platform. We coined the term because it’s never existed before. We connect families and their seniors directly to rooms at Assisted Living Facilities. We ask you a few questions about the senior’s health and finances; then we match you to facilities that have a room waiting for you. Crazy that such a simple concept has never been done before. 

What Happens to My Data?

The information you share with us is passed along to the facilities when there is a match. That’s so that they are able to prepare for your phone call or visit. One thing that is not shared with anybody is your contact information. We’ve all signed up for something and gotten spammed with emails. We don’t believe in it so we don’t do it. We also do not sell data to any third-party sites. 

Why Do You Ask for My Email?

We ask for your email so that we are able to send the results directly to your inbox once we’ve made our matches. Email provides an easy way for us to send you your results. We do not even provide your matched facilities with your email because we believe that everyone has a right to privacy. 

Why Don't I See the Facility Nearby in My Results?

There are two reasons why this could be happening. That facility may not be capable of providing the care you need or simply be out of budget. 

The second reason is that the facility chose not to be a part of our network. That does not mean there is anything wrong with the facility. However, we do offer every facility the opportunity to join our network. If they choose not to join, you have to wonder why a facility wouldn’t want to share how it prices its rooms or values their services. 

What Made You Call it Willow?

Funny enough, our co-founder’s name is Will. So when he pitched this idea to his parents, his mom said that it was like Zillow for the elderly. It’s Willow. And the name stuck. No focus groups, just a simple play on words. 


How it Works

So you are ready to get started but may be unsure as to how Willow actually works.  It is easy! By clicking on the green button below, you will be redirected to the Willow senior placement questionnaire, where you will be asked some short questions that will help us find the right services for your health needs and preferences. The process takes no more than 5 minutes. 

When you are finished, press ‘submit’ and let the Willow computerized algorithm go to work! Our site searches all of the accommodations in our system to find the right matches for you.  In about 30 minutes, you will receive an email from us that presents your choices. From there, it is up to you if you would like to contact the facility, book a tour, or hold off and do nothing – you are in control!

We’re here to serve and support you.

“This service will be a great resource for my patients.”

“I wish we had Willow when I was searching for my grandfather.”

“I almost wish I needed to find senior living so I could use it myself.”

Using Data and Technology to Deliver Better Assisted Living Recommendations

There is no “one-size fits all” approach that works for Assisted Living. Our system looks at the individual when considering the placement opportunities. Our assessment includes: the Activities of Daily Living, Behavioral Assessment, Memory Care, Additional Health Conditions, and Financial Information.

The results are a curated list of Assisted Living recommendations that are tailored to the needs of the senior. We designed an Assisted Living search that respects your privacy while giving you the information that you need.

We’re here to serve and support you.

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