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The Willow Senior Placement Platform connects your facility to active local prospects that meet your ideal resident profile.

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A Lead Generation Tool Customized for Your Needs.

Imagine having a tool that could regularly bring in prospects from the networks that you already follow. Willow is designed to help facilities get the most out of their advertising spend by matching facilities to prospects that meet their ideal resident profile. 

Optimize Revenue

Willow wants to match you with seniors who stay for a long time. 

Safe And Secure

Your Pricing and Availabilities are only shared with a matched prospect. 


Get Insights on the local marketplace to gauge your sales efforts. 

A Smarter Admissions Process.

Let’s face it: most people don’t understand the senior living market. The lack of market education makes it challenging for facilities to connect with prospects that fit their ideal resident profile. That is why we created Willow, the Senior Placement Platform. Willow matches your facility’s vacancies to qualified prospects based on your ideal resident profile. 

Over 30 Years of Senior Living Admissions Experience.

Willow’s co-founders, Rick and Will Zacher, have more than 30 years of combined experience in the Senior Living Industry. They’ve generated over 1,000 placements during that time and are applying that expertise to your facility. 

Placements in Buffalo Every Year

Pricing: $49 per Match

Willow charges a search inclusion fee to facilities for every matched prospect. Since matches are controlled by your resident profile: you determine how many matches you receive. We know that occupancy can vary, so we chose a billing system that fits your admissions. Our fee also includes the ability of your admissions department to reach out directly. 

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